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David J. Fairhead
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About the Author

David J. Fairhead was first published in The Big Book of Bizarro with his demonic apocalyptic tale, The Fall.  David’s short story Demoneye appears in Westward Hoes.  Demoneye was also adapted into a comic book with Gary Lee Vincent and Little Sun.

His short story The Commune can be found in Rise of the Dead. David’s current novel The Fall of Tomorrow is based on his The Big Book of Bizarro short story and is also published by Burning Bulb Publishing.  David has also written a novel titled CHARLIE: A Child’s Tale of Terror.


His website is He also has an anthology of eleven short stories called Dwelling in the Dark and contributing editor of David J. Fairhead Presents: Fiends of the Flesh.

He is also the writer of the comic book series WZWA (World Zombie Wrestling Association) in association with Dr. Jon Towers and Stigmata Studios.

David is currently host of the radio podcast show, KETTLE WHISTLE RADIO, working with co-host Heather Taddy of A&E’s Paranormal State fame, where they talk horror, comics, and music.  They also interview writers, directors, actors and many musicians of all genres.  Check them out on Facebook under Kettle Whistle Radio or at SOCIETY-13.COM.   David co-founded the podcast network SOCIETY 13 NETWORK with horror author Nelson W. Pyles of THE WICKED LIBRARY.   There are four shows that broadcast weekly.   You can find David J. Fairhead at KETTLEWHISTLERADIO@GMAIL.COM, via KETTLE WHISTLE RADIO on Facebook, and on  Twitter @Fairlydark as well.  

Books by David J. Fairhead
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