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Solon Tsangaras
About the Author

Solon Tsangaras was born and raised in Queens, N.Y., where he first took up playing guitar, and then bass, being involved with many bands throughout the ’70s and ’80s. He majored in English and Communications, then went on to study Police Science, but went back to the music scene.

He moved to Long Island in the late 80’s, where he became involved with one of Long Island’s top bands, Uncle Fester. Uncle Fester played the Long Island music scene for over 20 years, and has produced one c.d., ‘Sofa Kingdom’. He now lives in a quiet little village in Upstate New York with his lovely girlfriend Stephanie and their 8 feline ‘kids’: Squee B. McGee, Julius M. Jules, Squishzelia Balasara Basrami, Loo, Clance Yee, Dorey C. Macaroni, Duke D.D. Averl, and Momma G Raff, and continues to work in the music field, but has expanded into writing and acting. He’s been in several movies, as well as theater productions, and works with several writers and movie makers. In his latest film, Belly Timber, he plays Oscar the Berserker.

Solon co-authored the novel of Belly Timber with Burning Bulb authors Gary Lee Vincent and John Russo.   His novel Detour to Armageddon is also published by Burning Bulb Publishing. Solon’s latest project was adapting Bob Gray’s screenplay, Attack of the Melonheads, into a full-length novel, which he did with Gary Lee Vincent.  His short story “Cat Tales” appears in the anthology David J. Fairhead Presents Fiends of the Flesh.

Books by Solon Tsangaras