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This is the pilot episode of DEMONEYE. Here, we are introduced to Dekker Collins and the characters of Canvass Pass. Deborah, the town’s highly prized ‘lady of the night,’ is Dekker’s informal partner in helping him rid the town of demons, who are becoming all too frequent these days. Dekker has discovered their weakness, but can he keep the town safe, as the very tool he needs to give him an edge — DEMONEYE — may also destroy him in the process.


As demons take over the Wild West, one man makes a stand in Canvass Pass. That man is Dekker Collins, the Dead Shot. Dekker’s secret weapon against the demons – DEMONEYE – may also be his downfall.

Demoneye #1 by Gary Lee Vincent, David J. Fairhead, Little Sun (paperback)

SKU: 0013
  • Standard Comic
    Full Color
    Page Count: 28

  • This item is printed on demand via IndyPlanet and price includes shipping.

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