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Introducing the complete set of horror stories from the controversial anthology, "The Big Book of Bizarro" by Burning Bulb Publishing.

Featuring the following twenty bizarro works:

  • Daniel In The Lion's Den by Kai Miro
  • Wet by Mark Gallagher
  • The Whore of the Dartmoor by Rich Bottles Jr.
  • The Fall by David J. Fairhead
  • Glory Holes by Gary Lee Vincent
  • Channel 666 by John Russo
  • Forever Ago Sunshine by Wol-vriey
  • Honey-do by Nikko Lee
  • Every Bite by Matt Smallwood
  • Nothing Really Satisfies by Kelly R. Martin
  • Decorations by Nelson W. Pyles
  • Karnivali by Jesse J. Saxon
  • Front Page by Michael A. Migliore
  • Into The Night by Heather Lin
  • Hades on Ice by Kimberly Bennett
  • His Own Worst Enemy by Laird Long
  • Writer's Block by Ryan J. McBriar
  • Every by Charlie Kirby
  • City of the Dead by Clare de Lune
  • Want by Meself John

The Big Book of Bizarro Horror Collection (Kindle)