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Andy Rausch
About the Author

Andy Rausch – Andy Rausch is a freelance journalist, celebrity interviewer, and film critic. He is the author or co-author of nearly twenty books on the subject of popular culture. These include Making Movies with Orson Welles, The Films of Martin Scorsese and Robert De Niro, and The Wit and Wisdom of Stephen King. He is also the author of the novels Mad World, and Bloodletting: A Tale of Revenge, and Elvis Presley, CIA Assassin is published by Burning Bulb Publishing.  His short story collections Death Rattles and Crazy-Ass Stories for Crazy-Ass People are published by Burning Bulb Publishing. Andy was also a contributing editor on the Burning Bulb hit anthology Rise of the Dead.

Andy has also worked as an actor, film producer, composer, casting director, and as the screenwriter of the cult film Dahmer vs. Gacy. He is a regular contributor to Screem magazine, and his work has appeared in such publications and online journals as Film Threat, Shock Cinema, and Bright Lights Film Journal. He resides in Parsons, Kansas.

Books by Andy Rausch
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