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Bob Gray
About the Author

Bob Gray – Charismatic and engaging funny man Bob Gray was raised in Mentor, Ohio by parents Robert and Helen Gray (deceased). The oldest of three, Bob was always entertaining classmates and performing in as many stage productions as possible. It was during his days at Mentor High School that he really began to get interested in television. While working in the school’s television station Bob began to develop his skills as a director and as a performer in front of the camera. Shortly after graduation Bob took a flier and moved to Clearwater, Florida where he took a job as an audio operator for a little known station called “The Home Shopping Channel”. Six months later sales were so big they began broadcasting nationally as “The Home Shopping Network”. Bob was part of the networks first broadcast crew at 19 years old. In 1986 Bob got wind of a new shopping network opening soon outside of Philadelphia. So he packed his bags and headed to the QVC Network. At 20 years old he was directing his second network. In 1989 at the age of only 23, he was offered a director’s position at the Financial News Network in Los Angeles, CA. The opportunity to work in Hollywood was too much to resist. So he bolted to the coast. In between directing jobs Bob would dabble with acting, taking work in low budget films and in television shows. After 14 years of never getting his big break Bob decided to move back to Ohio and self-produce his feature film “Bigfoot”. He figured that if Hollywood wasn’t going to make him a star he would do it himself. And so far it’s starting to work. “Bigfoot” has won film festivals all over the country and Bob garnered the “Best Supporting Actor” award at the Long Island International Film Expo. He resides in Los Angeles.

Bob’s latest screenplay, Attack of the Melonheads, was picked up by Burning Bulb Publishing as a novelization project between Bob, Solon Tsangaras and Gary Lee Vincent.

Books by Bob Gray
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