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Keith Knotek
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About the Author

Keith Knotek is a retired sheriff’s sergeant and police commander with thirty years of law enforcement experience in California. He also wrote several books, including his latest book, Gunrunner, which he co-authored with Mario Oliveira.


Keith's novel, From Sorrow to Amazing Grace: One Cop’s Journey was turned into a movie titled One Cop’s Journey. Keith has been featured on television, radio, and podcasts and currently speaks at conferences, events, and training seminars discussing wellness. 

Keith is a graduate of the FBI Law Enforcement Executive Development Association Regional Command College, California POST Executive Course, California POST Sherman Block Supervisory Institute, and holds an MA in Organizational Leadership and a BS in Criminal Justice. He is an adjunct university instructor and lectures on topics related to mental health, resilience, and law enforcement. Keith is an Advisory Board member for the Violently Injured Police Officers Organization (VIPO) and enjoys volunteering, boating, and fishing. He lives in Prescott, Arizona, with his wife, Lily, and has two adult daughters.

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