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Daring… Dueling… Disturbing… Damning


WANTED: Bizarro writers to provide their take on “How the West was Weird.”


Nine outlaw writers rode into town from obscurity to pen nine tantalizing tales of horror and fantasy and leaving once they branded their own personal marks on the weird western genre and became living legends of the American Frontier experience.


Like drunken Indian scouts, the writers fervidly tracked down and captured the Western genre, tore off its fashionable veneer and ravished its exposed essence.


So belly up to the bar with your favorite soiled dove and enjoy perusing these thrilling tales of Old West debauchery, danger and desire; compiled by the publisher of The Big Book of Bizarro and featuring the bizarro novella Big Trouble in Little Ass by Wol-vriey.


  • Stories include:
  • Demoneye by David J. Fairhead - A vengeful loner finds the courage to battle evil, but only after a few stiff drinks.
  • The Undesirable by Jessie J. Saxon - When a series of unsolved murders occurs, a small town sheriff discovers that he can't just abandon his duty and run away from his problems.
  • The Tailsman by Gary Lee Vincent - A ladies' man uses his unique charms to tame a wild beast and become a living legend.
  • The Man With Too Many Names by Kelly R. Martin - The more sinners that a holy man eliminates, the more heathens he seems to attract.
  • Just Enough Rope by Nelson W. Pyles - A bounty hunter must decide between claiming his bounty or hanging up his holster on the bedpost of a bountiful beauty.
  • The Whore in the Mirror by Kimberly Bennett- A man tracks down his missing brother, straight into the deceitful arms of a narcissistic ne'er-do-well.
  • Succubi Sundown by Scott Emerson - An injured and delirious gunslinger finds comfort, peace and faith at a strange desert oasis.
  • A Town Called Rupture by Rich Bottles Jr. - Twin philanthropists try to bring together a town divided by greed and hate.
  • Big Trouble in Little Ass by Wol-vriey - A hired assassin realizes that desperate times call for desperate measures and that only the love of a beautiful woman can save him.


WARNING: These adult western tales are intended for... ahem... 'mature' audiences.

Westward Hoes (paperback)

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  • Trade Paperback

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