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Nicholas Knight 
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About the Author

Nicholas Knight was born Sean Delorie in 1972 and was raised in Sterling, Virginia. He was always drawn to the creative arts and never had much of an aptitude for the academics. Nicholas was blessed with a wild imagination. Following a painful divorce, he began putting his inner torment and agony into writing and acting. His books tend to carry elements of religion, politics, horror, superhero and supernatural fantasy, and erotic romance. He has also attempted to write and illustrate children’s books.

His NIGHTSHADE series is comprised of three books: Dawn’s Tale and Dark Fugitive and Moon River.

Nicholas is drawn to the darkness, as an artist, primarily due to his soul being repeatedly crushed by rejection and his world being damaged by endless affliction. His life has not been an easy road, but his debilitating fear of his own mortality, his deep love for his daughter, and his desire to not be forgotten, keep him pushing forward, despite the obstacles and heartaches that consistently fall into his lap. Tormented with fraudulent passion and callous betrayal, he would use his endless suffering to mold himself into a stronger entertainer. Nicholas hopes that his ship will finally come in and that these acting opportunities will inevitably result in launching a career. His dream is to make something of his writing, either for print or for the screen. He believes in himself and feels confident in his storytelling ability.

Nicholas is the doting father of a daughter named Harley. Nicholas is an exceptional actor and a brilliant writer and continues to pursue these two endeavors for his daughter more than for himself. It’s been a real struggle, but he is determined to keep trying. He tries to use whatever money he makes to pay the bills and make his visitations with Harley as memorable as possible. His dream is to be financially independent, where he can take care of himself and his daughter. He genuinely appreciates your support and hopes you enjoy his work both on the printed page and on the big screen. His actor profile can be viewed at

Books by Nicholas Knight 
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