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Fairhead writes with warmth and candor about his characters' lives, but these stories are also creepy as hell. David J. Fairhead will terrify you." -Thomas Sweterlitsch, “Tomorrow and Tomorrow” From David J. Fairhead, author of the FALL OF TOMORROW, comes DWELLING IN THE DARK- A soulful anthology of creeping terror to keep you up in the small hours with horror set in the past, present and future. Overlapping bits of puzzle fitting each other, before and after The Fall of Tomorrow. A place where three children facing a monstrous foe can only pray that their bloody summer would just come to an end. Go back to the 1960’s- THE COMMUNE where overindulging hippies use a mage’s diary to control the end of the world, only to see first-hand that their drug induced visions have horrific ramifications. Where a young boy’s visit to a haunted house becomes a lesson in RESIDUAL morality. The story, DEEPER- plunges two brothers into a sinkhole only to find they were being hunted by an insidious creature from its depths. Visit the old west as hero Dekker Collins battles evil gunslingers in DEMONEYE. An island hiding in America’s backyard houses vile humans being controlled by horrific scientific experiments where the everyday monotony of pharmaceuticals introduces us to an evil future. How did love and friendship harvest an ancient evil that now resides in a cave only promising hideous death for those who enter? In WORLDS APART- a witch passes judgment, controlling the land as a vengeful succubus who now decides the fate of two embattled clans of farmers. DWELLING IN THE DARK - Eleven stories that hide in your closet, under your bed and stay entrenched in your mind, presented by recurring antagonists that weave bloody trails and tell the tales of these character driven stories.

Dwelling in the Dark by David J. Fairhead (paperback)

SKU: 978-0692376867
  • Trade Paperback

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