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An unsavory investigator with keen interest and insight into the occult has accumulated stories from an assortment of unfortunate folks, friends, and fiends. The goal of this arrogantly snide traveler is to provide a nightmarish collection of journals, interviews, photos, and objects inspired by unnatural deaths and paranormal plots. Dietrich Valhalla, an intelligently beguiling figure enraptured with past demonic events, transports us to somber destinations adorned with diabolic specters, fiendish cryptids, otherworldly beings, evil enchantments, and hideously deranged humans, all in a series of tales that may lead to a much broader paranormal picture.


Four of the thirteen emotionally driven stories are based on truth, leaving it to the reader to decide which dramatic accounts really unfolded and who exactly is delivering these broad strokes of terror.
Our host (and sometimes hosts) lead you down dank, illusive tunnels, inside the lives of the innocent gone astray or others that are simply imbued with evil. Enjoy a vast variety of bloody threads of dread, ending with new soulless revelations into the abyss sometimes located in our own backyards.


Pictures provided by the chillingly gothic photographer Tanya Mendez enhance the visualization, giving life to these Dead Memories.


What critics are saying:


“When you cut through the chaff of authors producing modern horror, you often find those who are King and Rice wannabe’s but very few who are pushing the limits of the genre. David Fairhead’s new collection, Dead Memories, continues to show his separation from the pack as he creates a space that is truly all is own.”
–S.V. Brown (author of Carnival Songs)


“Leave it to David Fairhead to turn/channel? His near-death experience into a novel filled with real folks with real emotions in extraordinary situations. There's even a chapter inspired by the famous Kecksburg UFO incident. Left Behind is full of familiar personalities with details that we all can relate to every day. I felt very much like we all know people like this…”
–Heather Taddy (TV personality, Paranormal Expert, Investigator, and Historian.)

Dead Memories (paperback)

SKU: 978-1964172019
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