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About the Author
Kelly R. Martin

Kelly R. Martin  was born in Rockford, Illinois in April, 1967, the year of the summer of love.

He attended the University of Illinois in the fall of 1985 where he studied Aviation, History, Literature, Astronomy, Classical Civilization, and finally ended up with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Rhetoric from the U of I college of Liberal Arts and Sciences in May 1990.

Kelly’s short story Nothing Really Satisfies appears in The Big Book of Bizarro and his short story The Man With Too Many Names appears in Westward Hoes.

Kelly is the founder of Myth/Logic Press – a Burning Bulb affiliate publisher – and authored the novels The Lucky Cricket: Tales from the Reading Dragon Inn Book 1 and Thomas the Poisoner Tales from the Reading Dragon Inn Book 2 under that imprint.

He lives with his wife Merly and daughter Moira.

Books by Kelly R. Martin
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