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J.S. Lawhead
About the Author

J.S. Lawhead  (b. 1984) is a child of the mystic Smoky Mountains in East Tennessee; where magick and logick often collide behind shadows left by the Einherjar, ghosts rise above the waters and mists to further dull the grey air, and the fabric that separates life and death between dreams is camouflaged as the seasonal mountain canopy of nature. It is an excellent environment to foster the concepts explored in his anthology Vulgarity for the Masses published by Burning Bulb Publishing. 


Jeff recently worked on the video game, The Blind Prophet, scoring most of the music. A sample of which can be heard via the trailer below:

Jeff’s short story The McCarter House was published online by His short story Only His Blood Remained was published online by Reddit No Sleep.

He is a practicing Lutheran, lives with a wife and a moderately extended family, dives off the deep end to get things done and occasionally releases music under the name 12 Followers/Meteo Xavier. His latest release is titled Saturn Icarus and can be enjoyed here.

Books by J.S. Lawhead
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