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Hopelessness… How do you protect your loved ones when Hell itself opens its insidious mouth?

Horror... Nightmarish Creatures invade your world and there is nowhere to hide.

Blood… How long can you hold out before they come for you?

Pain… Where do you run to avoid being eaten alive by monsters with a voracious appetite for your flesh?

Screams… While you selfishly run for your own life.

Questions… Who is to blame? Where did they come from? How many people survived…and how does the human race find the means to fight back?

THE FALL OF TOMORROW is man’s last tale of desperation told by those that are striving to salvage some hope against a ravenous bastion of evil beasts bent on ruling our world.

“David Fairhead writes compelling stories that offer very human characters and very inhuman monsters. There is no subtlety in Fairhead’s imagination - he is simply dying to scare the hell out of you.”
- Nelson W Pyles - author of DEMONS, DOLLS AND MILKSHAKES

The Fall of Tomorrow by David J. Fairhead (Paperback)

SKU: 978-0615990385
  • Trade Paperback

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