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Gary Lee Vincent
About the Author

Gary Lee Vincent is an accomplished author, director, actor, musician and entrepreneur. In 2009, he founded Burning Bulb Publishing to help promote up-and-coming authors. He has starred in over sixty feature films including Midnight (2020), My Uncle John is a Zombie!, Desk Clerk, Killer Campout, SKB, Wrestlemassacre, Harvest of Horrors, John Light, and eight television series, including, Stranger Things, The Walking Dead, House of Cards and many others. 


He has directed the feature films A Promise to Astrid, Desk Clerk, Dispatched, Midnight (2020), Godsend (2021) and was co-director on the feature films John Light, A Child of the King, Jack Jonah, Coronavirus: Patient Zero and Coronavirus: Perfect Storm.

Gary co-authored the novel for Belly Timber with Burning Bulb authors Solon Tsangaras and John Russo. This complemented the feature film, directed by Bobby Easley.

In 2010, his horror novel Darkened Hills was selected as Book of the Year Winner by ForeWord Reviews Magazine and became the pilot novel for DARKENED – THE WEST VIRGINIA VAMPIRE SERIES, which includes the follow-up books Darkened Hollows, Darkened Waters, Darkened Souls, Darkened Minds, and Darkened Destinies. More information on this series can be found at  

In 2020, Gary kicked off a line of Christian Fantasy books, including Strange Friends and Prove Your Love, the latter being Book 1 of THE BLACK CIRCLE CHRONICLES, all of which are slated to be turned into feature films.

Gary is the author of the werewolf/bizarro thriller Passageway and he also worked on the novelization of the movie Attack of the Melonheads with Solon Tsangaras and the film’s screenwriter, Bob Gray.

Gary was a contributing editor on The Big Book of BizarroWestward Hoes and Rise of the Dead anthologies.  He also developed two comic books,  The Tailsman (with Rich Bottles Jr. and Stuart J. Brown) and Demoneye (with David J. Fairhead and Little Sun), both based on short stores from Westward Hoes.

Books by Gary Lee Vincent
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