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He’s hot on the trail, looking for some tail!


Sly Franko was a man of the West, a forger of the wild frontier. Like the Country Western song that would be written years after he died, the words, “Faster horses, younger women, and more money,” seemed to be the anthem of this horn dog cowboy. Franko would ride into town on a blazing saddle, find the closest saloon to wet the whistle, belly up to a good card game, and find him a hot-loving hussy to get his cowpoke on with.


He would never stay in any one town too long, always mindful not to wear out his welcome and also mindful to glance over his shoulder from time to time just in case his ‘lady of the night” from the night before happened to be married. The last thing Sly Franko needed was an angry husband hot on the trail of “The Tailsman.” Yes, Franko quickly earned the nickname of The Tailsman and it would be an accurate statement to say he always seemed to find some tail on the trail wherever he would roam.


Episode #1 – The Sioux City Shithouse Monster:  In this premier issue, THE SIOUX CITY SHITHOUSE MONSTER, Sly Franko – The Tailsman – finds himself in the rolling hills of western Iowa in the Summer 1859 where a visit to bathroom leads to terror and death. Can Sly and his buddies figure out the cause behind the mysterious outhouse disappearances before it’s too late and still have some time for some ‘gentlemanly fun’ at Denver Ratcliff’s Parlor of Pleasure?

The Tailsman #1 by Gary Lee Vincent, Rich Bottles Jr., Stuart Brown (paperback)

SKU: 0016
  • Standard Comic
    Full Color
    Page Count: 24

  • This item is printed on demand via IndyPlanet and price includes shipping.

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