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From the warped mind of author Andy Rausch comes Death Rattles, a unique collection of sixteen chilling short stories. These macabre tales cover all the bases of classic horror, from ghosts and zombies to demonic possession, but each are handled in such a way as they’ve never been before. Aficionados of the genre won’t want to miss this one-of-a-kind collection of horrifically twisted tales. “Andy Rausch grew up reading Stephen King and watching great stuff like Twilight Zone, Carrie, and Alfred Hitchcock Presents, from the time he was ten-years-old. He took inspiration from all of it, but his writing has its own powerful uniqueness. His tough, muscular, hard-hitting prose is married to thought-provoking concepts that make you question your own opinions, your own moral stance, your own preconceptions of right and wrong. Don’t miss Death Rattles! It will rattle your brain and tingle your spine!” —John Russo, author, Night of the Living Dead “The classic horror short story not only lives and breathes. In the imaginative brain of Andy Rausch, it’s totally reanimated. Want proof? Sample, from this brain-busting collection, ‘The $10,000 John Wayne Magnum Opus.’ But not just before you go to sleep, unless you want to risk nightmares.” —Herschell Gordon Lewis, author, Blood Feast “I believe that Death Rattles by Andy Rausch contains the absolute best short stories of the year!” —Lloyd Kaufman, author, The Toxic Avenger

Death Rattles by Andy Rausch (Paperback)

SKU: 978-0692264720
  • Trade Paperback

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