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“Mad World is dark, twisted, no-holds-barred fun.” —Jason Starr, author of Bust, Slide, and The Max

Everyone’s playing an angle in the City of Angels.

Mad World tells the stories of a black hitman who doubles as a university professor, a Catholic priest who longs to be a gangster, a would-be author from Kansas, a gay phone sex operator who claims he’s straight, a group of rich twentysomethings playing a deadly game of life and death, a vicious Mafia boss, and a sleazy Hollywood movie director. As each of their stories intersect, the body count piles up and the action comes nonstop in this tense, white-knuckle thriller by first-time author Andy Rausch.

“A wild ride. If you like it gangster, Mad World delivers.” —Daniel Birch, author of Get Some

PUBLISHER'S NOTE: This book was previously published under the title "The Suicide Game."

Mad World by Andy Rausch (Paperback)

SKU: 978-0692233252
  • Trade Paperback

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