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“Relentless… Addictive… The kind of nightmare you don’t want to wake up from.” —Heywood Gould, screenwriter of Rolling Thunder

He was just an average Joe. But when he finds his family held at gunpoint by merciless thugs, he’s told he must murder a Mafia chieftain if he ever wishes to see his loved ones again. Against all odds, Joe keeps his end of the bargain, but the criminals don’t. Now at his wits end, Joe is pushed beyond his breaking point and forced to exact bloody revenge against those who’ve done him and his family wrong in this powerful and violent novella by author Andy Rausch (Mad World).

“Andy Rausch has a tight noir style that combines gritty, realistic drama with a cinematic flair that makes for a powerful, compelling (somewhat Stephen Kingesque), authentically visual reading experience.” —Stephen Spignesi, author of Dialogues

PUBLISHER'S NOTE: This book was previously published under the title "Riding Shotgun."

Bloodletting: A Tale of Revenge by Andy Rausch (Paperback)

SKU: 978-0692231463
  • Trade Paperback

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