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The Virgin Game Show:THE VIRGIN GAME SHOW:

• 10 million dollars in prize money,
• 1000+ video cameras,
• Lots of deadly weapons,
• 10 Suitors,
• 5 Virgins, and
• 3 Hours . . . to keep your hymen intact.

Hailey Osborne wants to sell her virginity for a hundred thousand dollars. But then she's made an offer she really can't refuse: how about competing to win ten million dollars in a no-holds-barred underground game show, where all she has to do is remain a virgin?

There's just two problems:

1. Four other women also want that prize money.
2. There's ten suitors all contesting to take Hailey and the other virgins' precious hymens . . . by any means necessary . . .

But hey, it's just for 3 hours, right? How hard can it possibly be to hold on to something for that short period of time, something you've been trying unsuccessfully to get rid of for years?

Hailey Osborne is about to find out.

The Virgin by: Wol-vriey

SKU: 978-1948278232
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