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"3 ½ Stars! An entirely enjoyable movie!" – Eye-on-the-Screen Reviews

"The warmest, most heartfelt little movie I've seen in years." – George A. Romero


Written and directed by John A. Russo, co-creator of Night of the Living Dead, comes The Mob Boss and the Soul Singer.


When soul singer Chuck Corby and his band Quiet Storm run afoul of a Mafia wannabe who's dying of cancer, we're off on a zany rollercoaster ride with hammer-wielding thugs, a cheating wife, and a gun-happy killer lurking behind every hairpin curve.


If you're into classic soul singing mixed with spine-chilling thrills and howling belly laughs, you'll find this and more in … THE MOB BOSS AND THE SOUL SINGER.


From IMDb
"Quiet Storm is a small town rock band playing for peanuts who get mixed up with a ruthless ganger, named Gianni 'Flat' Donato, who owns the nightclub they are performing in when their guitarist, Tommy, owes money on a personal loan to Flat while a private investigator, named Vito, is investigating Flat hoping to catch something to blackmail him to save up to marry a ravishing divorcée, named Janelle, while Flat's son, Tony, is having an affair with Carol, the wife of Chuck Corby the lead singer of Quiet Storm, and it's her that comes up with the idea to rip off Flat during a money-laundering scheme he has going which leads to Chuck, Tommy, and keyboardist Walt hoping to score the perfect plan, which is complicated by Flat's thugs Bones and Mace, who have an agenda of their own."


NOTE: This DVD was replicated from a VHS master and, consequently, the resolution is limited to that of a VHS.  The DVD will reveal the limitations when played.

The Mob Boss and the Soul Singer (DVD)

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