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Bestselling author Drake Melville has been missing for three years now. Drake vanished after publishing The Bleeding Oysters, an epic novel that set new standards for depictions of sleaze and depravity and human monstrosity in popular fiction.

On vanishing, however, Drake Melville left a message for everyone, saying he’d ‘left town’ to go work on his follow-up novel The Book of Atrocities.

The problem was, no one could find Drake. It seemed like he’d vanished off the face of the Earth.

And now, three years later, Drake has just sent messages to his ex-wife Liz, his current (and abandoned) wife Melody; and his younger sister Chloe . . . asking them to meet him in Raynham, MA.

Drake says he’s now completed The Book of Atrocities and is ready to present it to the world.

But there’s a whole lot that Liz, Melody, and Chloe Melville don’t know about Drake’s Book of Atrocities. And unfortunately they’re on their way to find out those excruciatingly painful truths.

Because, see, Drake Melville is a VERY EVIL man with a VERY EVIL plan . . .

The Book of Atrocities by: Wol-vriey

SKU: 978-1948278249
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