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Introducing the science-fiction and fantasy stories from the controversial anthology, "The Big Book of Bizarro," by Burning Bulb Publishing.

Featuring the following twenty-five bizarro works:

  • Alien Apocalypse by Zmortis
  • Saved by Thomas Fuchs
  • Pearl by Scott Emerson
  • Worms by George R. Galuschak
  • In Cocoon, I am Embryo by Kenzie Mathews
  • The Only One To Save by Derek Tabor
  • Scotomization by D. Harlan Wilson
  • False Idols by Sean Martin
  • I'm Going To The Moon by Christy Leigh Stewart
  • Diethylamide by Michael C. Thompson
  • Their Quiet, Bookish Life by Chadwick H. Saxelid
  • Gloriana by Angela Caperton
  • Bleedin' Hearts by Salvatore Buttaci
  • The Image of the Lord by Jon Judy
  • Punch and Jesus by Anonymous Christian
  • Jumpers by Michael Bracken
  • Nude Sushi with a Twist by Keith Dugger
  • Talking Heads by Nicole E. Peffer
  • BOOM CLICK CLICK by William Pauley III
  • She Who Cleans: A Dung Sticker’s Shitty Tale by A.D. Spencer
  • Tiffany's!! It's Get Even Time!! by George Kosana
  • Cotton Mouth by Christopher Danaher
  • InBox by Brennon ThompSon
  • Losing Control by R. Scott Steele

The Big Book of Bizarro Sci-Fi & Fantasy Collection (Kindle)

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