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Wendy Wilson had always suspected her husband Mark of infidelity. The pattern had been going on for years. She turned a blind eye to it in hopes that through prayer and her faith in God, that everything would work out.


However, when she finds him cheating again, this time with a neighbor lady Becky, her faith breaks. Another neighbor, Karen Houston, might have a solution to fix Wendy’s problems. The solution lies in her occult group, The Black Circle.


Although initially offended at the suggestion, the dark and demonic group offers Wendy a second chance, a chance to restore, her marriage and get back at that meddling adulteress.


Tempted by this, Wendy begins an allegiance with the Devil and his mysterious Black Circle, whose objective is nothing less than the eradication of the Church and all of Christianity.


There is always a price to pay when dealing with the Devil and as mysterious black birds descend all around to aid these dark matters, Wendy’s hometown of Wickenburg will never be the same.

Strange New Powers (Black Circle Chronicles, Book 2)

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