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When his girlfriend Connie Mullins breaks up with him to become a Christian, Josh Davies is filled with a deep and unreasoning hatred against Christianity in general and the Joy of Life Bible Church (Connie's new church) in particular.


After several agonizing weeks of depression, Josh meets the sultry Karen Houston, a member of the Black Circle, a group dedicated to eradicating Christianity, who promises him everything Connie didn't and who hates the Church as much as he does. But after their first night together, Karen says she won't let Josh have her again unless he proves his love for her by helping her destroy the Joy of Life Bible Church. If he does this, he can have her body and soul.


Karen also seems to have powers beyond the natural.


Meanwhile, Connie has a bad premonition and goes to the pastor to pray.


What unfolds is a life-and-death situation between beliefs, love, and loyalties. As a spiritual battle is waged, can Josh find his way and trust his former girlfriend-turned-Christian, or will he be forever damned by the spell of the lust-filled Karen and her hatred towards the Church?

Prove Your Love (Black Circle Chronicles, Book 1)

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