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Confession. Revelation. Rant.

Minor Confessions of an Angel Falling Upward is all of these… and more. Set in modern times and spiraling back to the swirl of Pre-Creation, this postmodern blend of genre-bending pop-prose and socio-political commentary is a classic tale of the (anti-)hero’s quest for Reason and Redemption in a Universe gone mad.

Who is Planner Forthright?

- A fallen angel made Man.

- A once-winged evil with un-Divine purpose on this Plane.

- A cannibal prince chosen to inherit a castled landscape of destruction and despair.

- An Alchemist of sorts—a mental magician; a mortar-and-pestle wizard converting carbon lies to golden Truth, whose language is his own.

- A Vampire by nature and condition whose been walking the waters and thorny highways of our planet for over 40 years.

- And he’s seeking a way out…

Minor Confessions of an Angel Falling Upward by Planner Forthright (Paperback)

SKU: 978-0615672410
  • Trade Paperback

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