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Everyone loves those moments of being in love.


What happens when one love leaves?

There are moments of chaos
Moments of healing
Moments of discovering the real you
Moments to live your best life

Moments to date and find your true love.


Our first love is a special kind of love. We met the perfect person who was everything to us. We wrapped our whole lives around them, changing to fit into their world. Some of us married and started to build a life, careers, family, house, and regular activities.


Then one day, something happens. Our everyday lives are no longer normal. The other person doesn't want to be a part of our lives anymore. So we not only lose the person we loved and built our lives around, but everything else in our lives turns to chaos. Shared friends are gone, finances change, someone else wants to be a part of our kids' lives, in-laws who were family, and so much more. What's worse is the emotional roller coaster.


Beginning again is hard. But what is impressive is that you discover the real you. Along this journey, we find our real true love. As we enjoy being ourselves, we find that person who loves the real us.


This book captures those moments.

Love and Heartache Moments by Deborah Ann Martin (Paperback)

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