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After being exiled after failing to destroy the Joy of Life Bible Church seven months earlier, Karen Houston is back in the sleepy town of Wickenburg; her brother Bill still trapped in bird form after being struck by the holy power of God during their demonic assault.


Through ritual, Karen discovers that she can reverse Bill’s entrapment by bringing Christian blood for the Black Circle’s leader—the entity known as the Lord of the Birds—as payment.


But the Lord of the Birds wants even more than just helping Bill rejoin the Black Circle’s ranks in human form, he wants Bill and Karen to finish what they started. It will also elevate the siblings to a high rank in Satan’s dark army if they bring Christian flesh for the bird lord and his minions to feast upon.


Karen and Bill know just the couple to sacrifice to fulfill this macabre request: Joy of Life pastors Josh and Connie Davies.


As the full fury of Hell is brought down on the little church and its newly appointed pastors, can the church—or even the entire town for that matter—withstand the spiritual onslaught as thousands of black birds begin unleashing their unholy wrath?

Lord of the Birds (Black Circle Chronicles, Book 5)

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