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John Russo's filmmaking books, lectures, seminars and workshops have paved the way to success for many famous professionals and hundreds of young, aspiring filmmakers!


NOW HE WANTS TO HELP YOU JUMP-START YOUR CAREER!! HOW TO MAKE YOUR MOVIES LOOK PROFESSIONAL is a 44-minute audio book that lets John Russo deliver his lessons to you personally, in his own recorded voice, just as if the two of you are sitting in the same room -- or vehicle.


John Russo will elevate you above all those who think they are filmmakers just because they can point a camera and press a button. He will teach you all about blocking, screen direction, pacing, composition, camera angles and much more!


Learn how to become a true professional by listening to the man who has written, produced or directed 20 feature movies in worldwide distribution, including MIDNIGHT, THE MAJORETTES, HEARTSTOPPER and NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD.

How to Make Your Movies Look Professional by John Russo

  • Trade Paperback

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