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Gunrunner- A true crime book centered on a real-life Boston area detective hero, Mario Oliveira, who embarks on a series of interconnected gang crimes that leads to his own murder. It's during death that he learns his most important lesson. He's here to tell you about it.


Shot six times at point-blank range, Mario not only solved the big case, he's about to get answers to life's nagging question, what happens when we die? Shot to bits, they rush him into trauma with little hope he'll survive. Mario hangs on by a thread as his life flashes before his eyes. Then, he is suddenly transported back to how this whole mess started. Mario follows the infamous Matt Kramer, public enemy number one for supplying notorious gangs with untraceable handguns used in countless crimes and murders. Mario's quest to close this case got him killed.


The savvy detective summons a street-wise ex-gang member, Leon, to be his new partner. Unfortunately, Leon happens to be an undocumented immigrant, but that's not the crime Mario's tracking. Instead, the unlikely pair practically become best friends. First, Leon dismantles a Brazilian gang of thieves, and now Mario scrambles to get Leon and family protection visas.


Mario is back on the streets alone and flirts with death on many occasions as his undercover work stings a mass of illegal guns, dozens of arrests, and the big-ticket items driving him. But Mario will stop at nothing, even take six bullets if it means solving the case, and he'll prove it to you!


Also available on Amazon in paperback and on Kindle.

Gunrunner by Mario Oliveira and Keith Knotek (Paperback)

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