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John Doe’s Prayer:


A dog brought me to this sanctuary. He saved my life… He saved me from taking my life!


God, why have you allowed me to be injured so severely that I no longer remember my name or who I used to be?


The pastor asked me if I was Saved… He wanted to know if I had invited Jesus Christ into my heart, so I could be Born Again… But I didn’t know how to answer him.


The pastor wanted so desperately to believe that I could feel Jesus Christ in my heart, even if I couldn’t remember anything from my past... God, I can’t even remember praying to you!


But I’m praying to you now! I’m praying you make your presence known to me!


If you’re lurking in the depths of my heart, reveal yourself to me now! Reveal yourself to me so that I can march up to that pastor and say with confidence, “I am Born Again… and Jesus Christ has led me to salvation and has forgiven all my sins!”


Tell me now God… Tell me you are with me… Tell me that you guide me… Tell me that YOU LOVE ME!


This book features the GODSEND novella, pictures from the motion picture from Burning Bulb Productions, and a copy of the original screenplay!


For information on the movie, please visit

Godsend by Rich Bottles Jr. (Paperback)

SKU: 978-1948278317
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