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Jackie Nixon intends to become Vampire Queen, but at what blood-drenched cost?


In this continuation to the explosive infernal saga begun in Darkened Souls, newly-turned vampire Jackie Nixon is taking no prisoners. Accompanied by her daughter, Kate, and by the captive vampire lord Victor Rothenstein, Jackie Nixon explores the Darkness. There, she intends to rouse the slumbering vampire race, bound under an ancient curse, and with their help, rule the human world.


But there's a deadly threat to Jackie's plans. Not just William who is trying to stop her, but her own royal ambitions. If Jackie performs the ritual to wake the sleeping vampires the wrong way, she could instead free the Red Beast of Hell, an unspeakable evil that even the undead fear.


Meanwhile, out in the human world, the rock band Belladonna Rose has come to town. Jackie Nixon is a huge fan of the band’s lead singer, Bella Howard. When the pair meet, Hell will be raised in more than one way.


And now, too, Jackie's daughter Kate has just discovered she's pregnant with William's baby. A baby her mother has utterly horrible plans for.


Darkened Minds. Seal your homes tight, everyone. Tonight, the bloodsuckers are out having fun.


This is Book V of Darkened - The West Virginia Vampire Series by Gary Lee Vincent.


Please be advised that this book contains language intended for an adult audience.

Darkened Minds (Darkened #5) by Gary lee Vincent (paperback)

SKU: 978-0692669815
  • Trade Paperback

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