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A tale of gripping psychological horror!


When evil descends on a small West Virginia town, who will survive? 


Jonathan did not start out his life to become a rambler, it just worked out that way. William was a troubled youth with something to hide. Both were from Melas, a small town tucked away in the West Virginia hills... a town where disappearances are happening more and more frequently.


After the suicide of a wanted serial killer, the townsfolk thought the nightmare was over. But when a centuries-old vampire is discovered they find out the hard way it's just getting started. Dark secrets can only stay hidden for so long and when the devil comes to collect, there will be hell to pay. Can Jonathan and William find a way to stop the vampire before it's too late? Find out in Darkened Hills!


Darkened Hills,  Book I in Darkened - The West Virginia Vampire Series by Gary Lee Vincent is a gothic vampire novel written in the spirit of Dracula with much more sinister characters and eroticism then the old Victorian classic.

Darkened Hills (Darkened #1) by Gary Lee Vincent (Paperback)

SKU: 978-1453844854
  • Trade Paperback

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