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Dawn is on the lam, as a refugee from the law. William’s Uncle, an FBI investigator, vows to commit the rest of his days to hunting her.


Dawn knows that she is on borrowed time and that her survival is transient.


Every time she tries to be elusive or clever, she further jeopardizes her position and confirms her guilt. The isolation inevitably gets to her, as she craves to belong to a pack.


As Dawn embarks on this journey of self-discovery, she befriends an abused white wolf and has an illicit lesbian affair with a Cambion temptress, whom she never sees coming. Cheri originally has an ulterior motive, when pursuing Dawn, but this later changes to a genuine love with plenty of passion.

Dawn is also haunted by her late mother, and stalked by those who worship Satan.


This is Book 2 of THE NIGHTSHADE SERIES by Nicholas Knight.

Dark Fugitive (Nightshade Book 2) by Nicholas Knight (Paperback)

SKU: 978-0997773057
  • Trade Paperback

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