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The story follows four people who are leading troubled lives. James is a drug addict who will go to great lengths to find his next fix including dumpster diving. Jim is a retired firefighter who suffers from PTSD and the loss of his parents which results in him turning to drugs. K.C. is a single mother raising a troubled child that will test her faith in God. Along the way they experience drug dealers who will stop at nothing including murder to maintain their power, a pastor with a failing church, and an Italian mob boss who runs his business out of his funeral home. Some will turn their lives around to find God, some will end up in jail, and some will end up dead as they all cross each other's paths.



James M. Ross - Drug Addict;
Jim Kuhn - Firefighter;
K.C. Kuhn - Single mother;
Isabella - K.C.'s daughter



Written, directed and produced by Jim Kuhn.



125 minutes



Smokey Bear Productions

Crossing Paths (DVD / BluRay)

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