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Burning Bulb Ministries

An outreach of Burning Bulb Publishing.

Spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ, helping those in need, and empowering people everywhere who wish to better themselves through the Word of the Lord and the works we create in His service.

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Our Story

Burning Bulb Ministries, Inc. was formed by a group of talented actors, writers, and producers who have a common vision to use their talents for the creation of faith-based works (films, books, evangelism) geared at educating the world on the salvation message of Jesus Christ while entertaining, inspiring, and leading by example.

Meet The Team

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Meet our Missionaries

Bishop Shafiq Gill
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Shafiq is on the front lines in Faisalabad, Pakistan, helping to fight against generational slavery and poverty in one of the world's poorest regions, all while spreading the message of Jesus Christ.

Let us join together in helping Shafiq build a Christian school for the needy children who desperately seek food and an education, fundamental needs most of us take for granted.

Right now, we are looking to raise $20K USD for this effort.  All donations will be applied towards building this school and helping this community. This is a KINGDOM BUILDING step in faith to show God's love for His people in a profound way!

You can learn more about Shafiq's work on his HERE and use the DONATE button below to contribute to this important work.

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Our Works

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Burning Bulb Ministries, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation.

Products for the ministry are manufactured in cooperation by our sister company, Burning Bulb Publishing.
Donations to the church are tax deductible.

To learn how you can become involved in our organization, please contact us.

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