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A Tale of Adventure 

This is the story of Hap Sing, a seemingly simple village fisherman commonly called Cricket. He is secretly possessed by the power of a greater spirit sometimes known as “the Luck”. Hap Sing wants little more than to spend his life in peaceful pursuits as a fisherman. The Luck has other hidden plans which span the breadth of the existence in the multiverse. 

Hap Sing reluctantly joins forces with the Luck, and together they seek to change the nature of life in his home country of Ran Li and beyond. Various powers of political, divine, and diabolical natures move to either join or oppose this dramatic change from simple villager to leader of all the spirit shamans. Hap Sing’s destiny is to become the being known as the Lucky Cricket.

The Lucky Cricket Tales from the Reading Dragon Inn Book 1 by Kelly R. Martin

SKU: 978-0615429168
  • Trade Paperback

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