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Interior Page Layout

(See prices for each Section Below)

Your book manuscript may need a few special layout options like adding a table of contents, endnotes, footnotes, and more. These are essential for the flow and organization of your book. A good design is not only a beautiful representation of your work but also attracts readers.  Our experienced staff ensures the interior of your manuscript is professionally customized to any specifications you may have for your published book.  


Interior Revisions (Block of 25)

$100.00 per block


You are allowed to make up to 50 corrections to your proof for free.  It is necessary to make a list these corrections along with the page and paragraph so that we can make the appropriate changes to your manuscript. Publisher errors such as hyphenation errors, formatting issues or misplaced graphics which occurred during production must also be noted, but do not count as part of the first free 50 corrections.

Remember to carefully review each page of your proofs for any formatting or typographical errors that were created by either you or us. Our proofreading process is designed to give you the final say about your book’s appearance by allowing you to fix any remaining problems or errors.


Note: This service is before publishing. After publication, it would be this charge and part of the publication price since it will require republishing and giving it a different version number. Our staff would be happy to give you a quote for this service if it is needed. 


Custom Layout Tech

Request a quote


Some books require an extensive amount of detailed formatting or time-intensive clean-up of the original manuscript. These require a specialized layout technician to work with you on your specific custom layout requirements. We will make your book interior look professional and will aid in the success of your book. It is helpful for interior design work. 


The custom layout tech service is quoted depending on the amount of time and work that will be put into completing your interior page layout. Your book may be quoted for a custom layout tech fee rather than individual charges for items such as:

  • Image modifications such as overlay text or placement, tables, etc.

  • intricate typesetting for a poetry book

  • significant number of floating text boxes 

  • specialized image books

  • Specialty page or paragraph borders

Table of Contents (Two or More)

$25.00 per Item

A table of contents is important to show your readers how your book has been organized. Creating a table of contents for your work will demonstrate to your reader how the information has been organized. This provides clarity to the readers but also makes it easier to find specific information they are looking to find. In some cases, such as textbooks or technical manuals, more than one table of contents is needed. We offer the first table of contents free with your book package, but you may choose to create additional tables as you need with this service.

Graph and Table Creation

$10.00 per Item

Sometimes it is important to have a graph or a table to organize your information to assist the reader to understand your text. We can create, format and insert tables into your non-fiction book as needed. We offer the first table free and any additional tables you might need as an extra service for $10.00 per item. We can create and format professional tables to be inserted into your manuscript as needed.


Footnote (End of Page)

$2.00 per Item

Footnotes are placed at the bottom of a page that is a way to clarify of the information in the manuscript. They provide important details for the reader that they maybe unfamiliar.  


  • Used as a replacement for long, explanatory notes which could interrupt the flow of your text. 

  • Used to direct the reader to more information pertaining to the subject in the main text;

  • Used to reference a quote or viewpoint; 

  • Used as an alternative to parenthetical references.;

  • Used to cite References for further reading


Footnotes are indicated by a superscript number that corresponds to a note at the bottom of the page that is written in a smaller font and labeled with the same number. It also includes the citation number in superscript and contains the full citation the first time the source is cited. Every subsequent citation of the source only requires an abbreviated citation. The first line of all footnotes is indented, single spaced, and without extra space between references.

Endnotes (End of Chapter)

$5.00 per Item

Endnotes serve the same purpose as a footnote. However, endnotes are different from Footnotes mainly in that they appear at the end of a paper or chapter, in numbered order, and usually in the same font size that is used in the main text. Some sources recommend using Endnotes in place of Footnotes to eliminate the problem of space at the bottom of the page. We recommend selecting endnotes if you are just citing a source or providing bibliographical information, but if you are elaborating on the content of a specific page, we recommend keeping it as a footnote

Custom Headers

$2.00 per Item

Many books, especially those that are separated into chapters, use custom headers. If you would like to add or change headers in your work during the submission process, you can make use of this Trafford service.


You may find it important to create custom headers within your book. If at any time during the submission process you would like to change a header within your work, you simply need to purchase our Custom Header service.


Additional Information:

Formating is extremely important to the overall readability and marketability of your book. Our overall goal for the success and professionalism of your book. The time to complete these services depend on the time and complexity.  Send us an email for more information or to receive a price quote for your manuscript.


Send us an email today to learn more or to request our Interior Design Service. We will guide you through the process.

For more information about this package, please email burningbulbpublishing  

Disclaimer: Prices are subject to change without prior notice. Prices listed do not include any applicable sales, use, excise, value-added, goods and services, or other tax, which will be added to the total at the time of purchase. Other restrictions may also apply. 

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