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“A Man who Cannot Keep Awake Cannot Keep it Together.”There is always something that pulls an alcoholic deeper into his unquenchable thirst – something degenerative to the human spirit. Indeed, there have been incidents in my life that carry tragic significance to me, yet I know they pale in comparison to the tragedies experienced by others. When the jagged pieces of a disfigured past become a troubled, broken-up, glass-bottled mosaic in one’s present life, all the innocent souls affected along the way become entangled in one’s conscience; while the depression, pills, manic behavior and soul-searching coalesce in a series of twelve steps. Alcohol affects the lives of hooligans, stubborn old fools, lovers, and families torn apart by drunk drivers – drunk drivers like me.

The Twelve Steps by Zachary Crabtree (Paperback)

SKU: 978-0615581712
  • Trade Paperback

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