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"The riddle is the rhyme; the rhyme is the riddle."


It began as a joke, a gag to pass the time that turned deadly.


One rainy August night in Raynham, MA, nine friends jokingly invoke the evil phantom butcher called the Cleaverman.


These nine friends get a whole lot more than they ever bargained for. Because there's only one way to return the deadly Cleaverman back to the darkness he came from, and that is to solve his riddle, which starts: "Tell me the name of John Cleaverman's wife . . ."


And human beings being what we are, even with the Cleaverman out to butcher them all, our nine friends still manage to stir A WHOLE LOT of human misbehavior into the deadly mix.


At the rate they're going, it'll be a wonder if anyone survives THE CLEAVERMAN at all.

The Cleaverman (Paperback)

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