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From the author of Night of the Living Dead and The Majorettes…John Russo.


The little creatures came to play, and now in fresh-dug graves they lay.


Cynthia and her three little brothers had heard the stories of their grandpa, who could summon demons and compel people to die with a curse.


So, when the children discovered they, too, had the ancient power, they knew what to do.


At first, they caught smallish demons who had assumed the shapes of rabbits and birds—and then larger demons, like the ones who resembled little Jimmy Peterson or his pretty red-haired sister.


Now they are growing, their powers swelling, nourished by adult dreams and desires. Soon they will gather their own kind from the earth’s dark corners. Soon they will ready their rituals…the blood-red ceremonies performed one by one at…Midnight!


Now a major motion picture from Director Gary Lee Vincent!

Midnight: A Novel of Terror by John Russo (paperback)

SKU: 978-1948278348
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