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When the world goes to hell, the chosen must arise!


As Talman Cane orchestrates a flood of epic proportions in this third installment of the Darkened series the towns of Melas and Tarklin are caught completely off guard by the deluge.


Hell-bent on finishing what they started, the evil brothers return to the lunatic asylum to take care of the witnesses and add to the ever-growing army of the undead.


Aided by Lucifer himself and the insane vampire demon Legion, the stage is set to channel all of the forces of hell to come forth through the obelisk.


In an all-out race to survive, Jonathan, William, and Amanda soon discover they are up against impossible odds as Lucifer opens the Gateway to Hell, ushering in the zombie apocalypse and the End Times.


Find out who will survive this cosmic battle of the ages in Darkened Waters!


This is Book III of Darkened - The West Virginia Vampire Series by Gary Lee Vincent.


Please be advised that this book contains language intended for an adult audience.

Darkened Waters (Darkened #3) by Gary Lee Vincent (paperback)

SKU: 978-0615623511
  • Trade Paperback

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