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"When the box was opened, there was only one living person to feed on." Legion's eyes grew crimson red with a chaotic glow, "It didn't even come close to quenching my thirst."


Deep within the coal mines of Melas, something sinister is just dying to get out!


In the heart-stopping sequel to the award-winning Darkened Hills, Jonathan and William must return to West Virginia to face possible criminal charges stemming from their last visit to the damned town of Melas, where both had narrowly escaped the clutches of a vampire seethe.


And as livestock start mysteriously getting murdered with all of their blood drained, worried farmers are searching for answers - leaving the local Sheriff and his deputy racing against time to learn the cause before a more violent crime is committed.

Meanwhile, a nearby mining accident traps a group of coal miners, forcing a perilous escape through the abandoned Runners Ridge mine.


As the trapped miners soon discover, the dead don’t always stay dead and the horrors that are unleashed is just the beginning of the terror about to fall on the rural community nested within the Darkened Hollows!


This is Book II of Darkened - The West Virginia Vampire Series by Gary Lee Vincent.

Darkened Hollows (Darkened #2) by Gary Lee Vincent (paperback)

SKU: 978-0615527222
  • Trade Paperback

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