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SPIRITED FROM THE DARK JUNGLES OF AFRICA TO A PLACE IN THE AMERICAN DESERT . . . The evil soul of a witch doctor lives on in the body of Simon, the great jungle beast who leads his human followers – the Panther People – in their orgies of lust and blood. Now the innocent Martin family, George, Peg, and their beautiful daughter Jenny, on vacation, will stumble upon this gruesome cult – trapped in a desert nightmare of terror and death – waiting. In the quiet wasteland the sound of their own pulse will be all they can hear. But somewhere in the dark night, outside their lonely hotel room, there is something breathing. For once Simon has your scent – he will not stop Until he tastes your warm, fresh blood … BLACK CAT

Black Cat by John Russo (Paperback)

SKU: 978-0692297360
  • Trade Paperback

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