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On Easter weekend, two girls pray “A Moses Prayer” for God to change their Dad’s heart and let their family go to church on Sunday.


“A Moses Prayer for Easter” is a thank you to God for the gift of family. In much the same vein of how Ebenezer Scrooge was tormented by ghosts to find the true meaning of Christmas, so is Robert Jones, the Dad of a family with a wife and two daughters, tormented by the plagues of Egypt to find the true meaning of Easter. Robert, having little knowledge of the Bible or church, has been a yearly fan of watching the 1956 classic film, “The Ten Commandments,” since he was a child. This year, the classic Easter film has an unexpected outcome for the Jones family, when Robert’s two daughters want to attend church on Easter Sunday.


After watching some of the film on the Friday night of Easter weekend, the two girls come upon the idea to pray “A Moses Prayer,” to “let our people go” to church on Sunday. With only Saturday to change Robert’s mind, God’s miracles come to life!


Also available as an audiobook on Audible! (coming soon)

A Moses Prayer for Easter by Robert Harmon and Kathy Bruins (Paperback)

SKU: 978-1948278270
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