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Julie Golightly (Chelsea LeSage) has simple needs. A middle child and a bike messenger in New York City, she simply wants to get high, drunk, and laid, but Julie Golightly is actually Juliette Johannes, a descendent of a long line of demon hunters and the forces of darkness are not patient. See the misadventures that lead up to the 21st Century Demon Hunter novel, as Julie faces demons, a determined sorceress, vampires, werewolves, unstoppable killers, homicidal dolls, and more, all while trying to make sure she's never sober enough to feel the hangover. It's a lo-fi bloody romp as you've never seen before. With a brand new episode and new edits for the rest from writer and director, Charles D. Lincoln. Sex, Drugs, and Fire and Brimstone await!

21st Century Demon Hunter Season 1 Director's Cut

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