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Gary Lee Vincent

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Gary Lee Vincent is an accomplished author, director, actor, musician, and entrepreneur. In 2009, he founded Burning Bulb Publishing to help promote up-and-coming authors and launched a film division in 2019 called Burning Bulb Productions to adapt stories into movies.

He has starred in over eighty feature films including:

  • Faded Memories (2021)

  • Strange Friends (2021) 

  • Godsend (2021)

  • Flatwoods (2021) 

  • Midnight (2020)

  • Harvest of Horrors (2020)

  • Being Trump (2020)

  • Her Name Was Christa (2020)

  • John Light (2019)

  • Desk Clerk (2019)

  • SKB (2019)

  • Lake of Shadows (2019)

  • The Follower (2019)

  • The Zombie Club (2019)

  • Wrestle Massacre (2018)

  • Killer Campout (2017)

  • My Uncle John is a Zombie! (2016), and many others


as well as eight television shows, including:

  • Stranger Things (Seasons 2 and 3)

  • The Walking Dead (Season 8)

  • House of Cards (Season 5)

  • Good Behavior (Season 2)

  • Mindhunter (Season 1)

  • Theo and the Professor (Season 1)

  • Outsiders (Season 2)

  • Secrets in Suburbia 

As a Director, he has directed or co-directed the following feature films:

  • Strange Friends (2021)

  • Godsend (2021)

  • Midnight (2020)

  • Coronavirus: Patient Zero (2020)

  • Coronavirus: Perfect Storm (2020)

  • Dispatched (2020)

  • John Light (2019)

  • Jack Jonah (2019)

  • A Child of the King (2019)

  • A Promise to Astrid (2019)

As an Author, Gary has written or co-written the following books:


  • Attack of the Melonheads

  • Belly Timber

  • The Best Actors That Ever Lived

  • The Black Circle Chronicles

    • Prove Your Love (Book 1)​

    • Strange New Powers (Book 2)

    • Night Wings (Book 3)

    • Sheep Amongst Wolves (Book 4)

    • Lord of the Birds (Book 5)

  • Darkened - The WV Vampire Series

    • Darkened Hills (Book 1)​

    • Darkened Hollows (Book 2)

    • Darkened Waters (Book 3)

    • Darkened Souls (Book 4)

    • Darkened Minds (Book 5)

    • Darkened Destinies (Book 6)

  • Hell's Bells

  • Passageway

  • The Douglas River Vampire Series

    • River: A Vampire's Nightmare (Book 1)

    • Icarus (Book 2)

  • Strange Friends

  • When The Bedposts Shake​

ANTHOLOGIES (as a contributor)

  • The Big Book of Bizarro

  • Rise of the Dead

  • Westward Hoes


  • The Tailsman (with Rich Bottles and Stuart Brown)

  • Demoneye (with David Fairhead and Little Sun)


  • Configuration Management

  • Agelations: Unlocking the Secret Strategies of the Rich to Help You Succeed in Business and in Life


Gary's Story

Gary Lee Vincent was born in Clarksburg, West Virginia, USA in 1974. Growing up in a small WV town, Gary learned the ethic of hard work but also recognized a growing spark of creativity. 


In 1992, he became a musician in high school, which eventually led to the creation of three independent albums: 100 PercentPassion, Pleasure, and Pain, and Somewhere Down The Road.

Over the years, he pursued various jobs, mostly centered in sales.  In college, he earned a degree in Business Administration Management and Psychology, and eventually landed a career in Information Technology.  

Although Information Technology was a decent career path, the desire to create was still too strong to ignore.  So, in 2009, Gary launched Burning Bulb Publishing as a way for unknown authors to collaborate in a co-op environment to help each other explore opportunities and promote their creative endeavors.  This started a long run of new literature and by 2020, Burning Bulb had published over 200 different novels. This also allowed Gary to explore his own interests in writing, penning over 20 books.

During a book tour in 2014 with John Russo (co-author of Night of the Living Dead 1968 and numerous best-selling novels), Gary and John joined forces to work on a movie called My Uncle John is a Zombie.  Producing this feature film submerged Gary into the filmmaking scene, where he discovered a love for acting, producing, and directing. To date, Gary has worked on over 100 feature film and documentary projects and shows no signs of stopping.



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Gallery of Gary's Adventures

Trailers from films Gary has worked on, celebrity photo album, music and more!

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