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Newlyweds Josh and Connie Davies did not know what they were in for when they took the assignment to become the Assistant Pastors for the Joy of Life Bible Church’s Wickenburg branch. Something was happening in the town. Over a dozen churches had closed and only the Joy of Life was left…and that one was struggling.


The Church’s latest member, Becky Lowe, was having a crisis of faith. Recently crippled in a car accident, she found God after a failed suicide attempt. However, coping with life in a wheelchair made her mental stability questionable at best.


Becky’s father, Tim Lowe, would do anything to get his daughter well again. Tim is also having a crisis of faith. As a long-time Joy of Life member and maintenance man for the church, he is wondering why God allowed such a terrible thing to happen to Becky, considering he is old and can’t really take care of her.


All this is about to change when Becky’s neighbors, Bill and Karen Houston, offer a solution. They have the means to fix Becky, but that comes at a steep price. They are also wondering why Josh and Connie have come to the town…and specifically to the church, considering that Josh was Karen’s old boyfriend and Connie was the target of a failed murder attempt by the Black Circle.


As the town is filled with mysterious black birds who torment the minds of God’s faithful, can anything stop an imminent doom from falling on the last church standing?

Night Wings (Black Circle Chronicles, Book 3)

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