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“My Life with the Living Dead” is a delightfully honest, sometimes biting, very insightful and informative, howlingly funny, deeply personal, and quite moving feature-length documentary celebrating the incredible life and work of John A. Russo.  You don’t have to be a big fan of horror or “Night of the Living Dead” to enjoy this film. For film enthusiasts, filmmakers and writers, and of course fans,  I can’t recommend this movie strongly enough!" **** 4 Stars

Thomas Brown, Writer-Co-Editor-Director--

Reflections on the Living Dead



MY LIFE WITH THE LIVING DEAD is a documentary feature based on the iconic 60-year career of John A. Russo, the man who created flesh-eating zombies and helped them come to life in the 1968 classic NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD!


Mr. Russo's insightful, straight-from-the-heart commentary is sure to entertain and inspire as it sheds a revealing spotlight on rarely-seen gems from his filmography.  


Simultaneously, it provides powerful new evidence as to why his filmmaking books are praised as Bibles of independent moviemaking, and his lectures and workshops have helped hundreds of aspiring moviemakers jump-start their own careers and become famous.  


In this amazing documentary, he does not neglect to pay tribute to his lifelong friends George A. Romero and Russ Streiner and many other enthusiastic colleagues who helped bring his words from script to screen.


Special Features (Blu-ray only)

My Life With The Living Dead Trailer;
John Russo Career Trailer Reel;
John Russo's Dedication to George A. Romero Featurette


To purchase a streaming version and watch now, click here.

My Life With The Living Dead (DVD / Blu-ray)

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