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Eye Believe is a collection of inspirational messages, photographs, and paintings to touch the world by Deborah Parise.


As an author and artist, Deborah Marie Parise has been guided by a Divine Influence to inspire the world to be better and live better. Her inspirational quotes, poems, photography, and paintings are a reflection of her positive mindset and creative abilities.


Ms. Parise has also been inspired by many wonderful motivational teachers and spiritual leaders. However, her greatest teacher is the Source that has created all that exists. Ms. Parise connects with this Source on a daily basis through meditation. This is when she receives guidance for the day. Ms. Parise strongly encourages everyone to learn to meditate.


In 2015, Ms. Parise published her first book entitled, Break Free From Your Reins, A Motivational Guide to Becoming a Greater Being. In her book, she describes a spiritual encounter in her home that changed her life. Ms. Parise has also developed a personal blog to share with the world her positive inspirational messages.


For more information, visit her blog at

Eye Believe by Deborah Parise (Paperback)

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